Our Mission 

Our highest priority is meeting all regulatory compliance; there can be no errors, there are no excuses.

Communication must be timely, concise, responsive and relevant.

We are here to meet the customer’s needs and, in some cases, it will be up to us to help the customer realize what their needs are.

We continually strive to obtain the best pricing possible for the customer; complacency is bad customer service.


Well thought-out creativity with appropriate execution and follow-through are characteristics of an employee who understands the philosophy of the company.


No customer should ever be lost because we did not respect their needs, respect their employees or respect their ideas.


When conducting operations, having enough time to do it correctly the first time is the only acceptable course of action, having to do something a second time because of our error is not acceptable.

Failure to follow through, failure to communicate, failure to pay attention to detail, failure to be creative, failure to comply with every regulatory requirement, failure to complete tasks and duties in a timely manner, and failure to continuously works on behalf of our customers mean that we as an organization are a failure.


100 Corporate Place

Peabody, MA 01960


T: 617-569-5180

F: 617-569-5170




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