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Global Freight Forwarder - Import/Export, Foreign-to-Foreign, Consolidations

The Embassy Group has representation in 60 offices worldwide. Embassy Freight USA itself partners with outside freight forwarding networks and a number of independent freight forwarders. That makes us more flexible when offering pricing and service options to our clients, as well as more responsive in case of urgent shipments. It gives us access to a far larger range of carrier alternatives and routing's. Apart from handling air and ocean inbound and outbound cargo, we coordinate foreign-to-foreign shipments worldwide, we offer consolidation services in case our clients need to combine loads from numerous suppliers and we organize oversize, DG and project cargo moves. We provide customized logistics and supply chain solutions, specifically tailored to our customers' needs.

Customs House Broker

Our import team is proactive and not reactive. We assist our clients in determining tariff codes, duty rates and other related requirements that their commodities may be a subject to, such as FDA registrations, FCC clearances or different types of import permits.  We offer solutions for imports, we provide guidance to our clients throughout the process of registration or permit application. Trade compliance is our top priority.

In-House Insurance Provider

In our effort to offer a full range of logistics and supply chain services to our clients, we at Embassy Freight USA have added the freight insurance option to our portfolio. We provide coverage for high-value cargoes as well as cargoes with high risk of spoilage, theft, etc. As a U.S. Customs broker we also act as an agent of our surety and write single entry bonds where applicable, as well as apply for continuous bonds upon our customers' requests.

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